Stephen Lynch brings Lion to Indianapolis

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Stephen Lynch’s Lion tour may just be underway but the singer/comedian was far from rusty when he stopped off in Indianapolis for the third date of the tour. It just so happened that the November 13 Indianapolis stop fell on the official release date for Lynch’s fifth studio album, Lion, so he performed a lot of material from the new album. Lynch’s content is notorious for being offensive but you just can’t help but laugh. Where he shines the most, though, has always been his live show. He is a performer and a damn good one too. He opened the night with “Lorelei,” from Lion and went straight into “Tattoo” and “Let Me Inside-” also two new songs. Lynch was joined on stage throughout the night by Courtney Jaye (you might recognize her voice from the new album), Charlie King and Rod Cone; the four rocked the stage for almost two hours. Lynch didn’t just play new material, though, he pulled out some of his fans’ most loved songs like “Craig,” a song written from the perspective of Jesus Christ’s hard-partying brother, Craig Christ, which he started by using improv to poke fun at fans secretly taping his performance to put on Youtube later. \"\" “You are illegally taping my comedy show, don’t think I don’t know,” Lynch sang to the tune of “Craig,” then going into the song. Lynch and company were at their best, especially Courtney Jaye, who’s onstage chemistry with Lynch made it seem like they’d been working together for years. Teaming up for songs like “The Night I Laid You Down,” “Tennessee,” they had the crowd on the verge of tears from laughing so hard. \"\" Throw in Rod Cone, who’s been touring with Lynch for years and Lynch’s long-time friend Charlie King, who came in for this tour, for “Whiskey Dick,” where Lynch had written up some acting parts for the two to perform in between verses- King playing Lynch and Cone playing a woman Lynch met at a bar- a bit that was a home run with the audience. After an impressive set, Lynch came back out for an encore that included “Fishing Hole,” “Beelz” and “Lion,” the title track from the new record- again making the crowd die laughing. As I said earlier, Lynch’s studio work is stellar but he shines most in his live show and he always gives the crowd their money’s worth and there’s no doubt this was the case in Indianapolis. Lynch says he will be touring in support of Lion for quite awhile, so there’s no excuse for fans to miss Lynch anytime soon. After the show, Lynch and company signed autographs for the fans, after which he sat down with us to talk about the new album and the tour. Listen to the full interview below. Interview with Stephen Lynch Stephen Lynch