Stephen Amell to take on Stardust at SummerSlam

Actor Stephen Amell got in on the action of last night\’s Monday Night Raw when he came face to face with WWE Superstar Stardust following their long-standing feud. Things got heated when Stardust attacked Neville from behind after The Man That Gravity Forgot defeated Barrett with The Red Arrow. After taking down Neville, Stardust turned his attention to Amell, who was in the front row as a guest of WWE for the night. Stardust proceeded to push Amell, which prompted the Arrow star to jump the barricade and charge the ring, attacking Stardust.  After being separated by security, Amell was escorted backstage and confronted by Triple H, Neville and Amell talked into making the Tag Team match at Sumerslam of Stardust and Barrett vs. Amell and Neville.   The feud is set to culminate when Stephen Amell and Neville take on King Barrett and Stardust, at SummerSlam on August 23 at 7pm ET live on WWE Network.