Stardog Champion: Exhale review

\"ExhaleRock n’ Roll music better look out because the next musical powerhouse has arrived and their name is Stardog Champion.

This band of seasoned rock veterans has put together one of the best Rock EP’s out there today- Exhale is an exhilarating piece of art that show cases some of Rocks finest talent.

Stardog Champion’s lineup alone is enough to convince you that this EP will knock your socks off, formed from members of Breaking Benjamin, Lifer, and The Drama Club.

These seasoned rock musicians produce a musical treat like none other and will have you head banging in a heartbeat.

Right off the bat the lead vocals jump out at you. Frontman Nick Coyle has an amazing voice with a clarity that creates helps create friction with the guitar tones and an easy listening experience all at once.

You won’t find yourself straining to hear the words throughout the entire EP.

The guitar and bass parts truly mesh together in a way that can only be reached by years of playing together. The solos give the songs that extra dose of edginess that takes their sound to the next level while the bass fills out their tone to give you that thick meaty sound.

Drummer Josh Karis knocks it out of the park with alternating rhythms that again match the rest of the band perfectly.  He adds the perfect amount of drive and technique to the songs that show cases his talent without outdoing his band mates.

Overall this band is the perfect combination of brilliant musicians and passion of rock. Their experience and musical intellect shines in this EP.  This is definitely rock n’ roll done right and will not disappoint.

Stardog Champion are truly one of a kind and Exhale is just the beginning to their achievements.

Rating 9/10

-Kelly Keating