Spoken- Illusion review

\"Spoken by Reggie Edwards After a six-year wait, Spoken are finally back with their latest studio album, Illusion, an album that blows 2007’s self-titled release out of the water. In Illusion, Spoken makes their E1 Music label debut with an album which is much heavier than their last album and is one of their strongest musical releases to date. Opening with “Stand Alone” it’s clear Spoken are here to make a statement that even though they’ve been out of the picture for six years they’re still a force to be reckoned with. Though frontman Matt Baird is the lone founding original member, this is still obviously a Spoken album, no question about it. The message is there, the bone-chilling screams are there, the bludgeoning metal is definitely there. This album has everything we’ve grown to love about Spoken over the years. Now all that\’s left is seeing it live, and what a coincidence- they\’re on tour right now and will soon be on tour with Volbeat and Danko Jones right now Rating: 8/10