\"\" by Hans Jaeger It has been a long time since we have heard anything from Los Angeles based Spineshank. Nearly 10 years in fact. They went into this album promising a heavier album then they had ever done before. The opening track “After the End” starts aggressive and in your face but quickly fades. Instrumentally the heaviness is there but the song is forgettable by the end. It’s not until the third track on the album, the title track “Anger Denial Acceptance”, that this album actually begins to grab my attention. The opening moments feel like a storm is coming on. However we instead are left with more a spring rain. “I Am Damage” that storm finally hits. Heavily distorted guitars and catchy rhythms give Joey Santos, the lead vocalist, room to finally let loose his more aggressive style of vocals. We find the proverbial eye of the storm with “Ploratio Morbus”. What follows is an ambient experience that serves its purpose as an intermission. The album picks up at this point. I was particularly surprised by “God Complex”.  It felt reminiscent of the days of old. Almost as if I was sitting down and listening to “The Height of Callousness” again. By the end though while a valiant effort, the album is forgettable at best. A few songs stick out amongst the rest, the album does not live up to what Spineshank once was. The heavier and more aggressive tone, instrumentally, is lost with the over use of clean vocals from Joey Santos. Better luck next time Spineshank. Rating: 6/10