Spiders: Why Don\’t You review

Spiders, a four-piece from Gothenburg, has been crawling all over Swedish charts for the past four years. Although they primarily open on tours across Europe, they’re heading to the US in late 2016 to open for Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. In anticipation of their upcoming visit, they’ve released Why Don’t You? (EP), a true testament to good old fashioned 1970’s rock and roll.

Despite having only three tracks, Why Don’t You? clearly indicates the direction the band takes– which is straight back to the days of shag carpet and lengthy guitar solos. Easily identifiable as perfect music-montage material, the EP just begs the listener to dust off their vinyl collection.

The instrumentals are just a montage of all the good, powerful music of the time. Loaded with solos of every kind, the best way to describe it is just “seventies.” Ann-Sofie Hoyles’ vocals are straight out of Heart. Channeling the passionate side of Nancy Wilson and pairing it with the hard energy of SPIDERS instrumentals is nothing short of genius.

Regardless of how it compares to the artists it draws inspiration from, Why Don’t You? is a solid showcase of a modern take on a golden era gone right. These guys have been in the business for a minute, and they’re in the mood to give the people what they want. With a unique feel that still has mass-appeal, they may give ABBA a run for their money on who did “Watch Out” best.

Rating: 8.5/10

-Kelly Fox