Soul Purpose- For You

by Samantha Pounds So you think you know all about gospel music? Well, think again because yet another group is out and ready to praise the Lord with their contemporary sound with a twist that’ll surely leave you feeling crunk for Jesus. Soul Purpose latest CD simply titled, For You is a praise testimony within itself. The 12 track album includes a sound that is not only contemporary, but also inspirational. A very up tempo song on this album is “Good Lord,” which features gospel rap artist, Nue Breed. The group also performed five songs live on the album which slows the CD down a bit and it will give listeners the opportunity to enjoy and feel as if there at a live concert. Quite honestly, one of my favorite songs on this album is “Order” which is the kind of song that I can play in my car, on my iPod, and sing in the shower. Also, what I especially like about this album is that it’s not your typical gospel CD.  Gospel music tends to force listeners to praise and in a much traditional way, but with this album, I particularly liked how the sound had a way of making me feel as if I were in a church or lounge setting. In addition, I also found myself bouncing, and occasionally doing a Chicago style dance step to this album. Regardless if you’re a gospel fan or not, For You is worth giving an ear to listen to, as this album will have you reminiscing about your life, and how far you’ve come. This album would also be a great CD to add to your IPod, especially if you want some new workout music to exercise with. Rating: 9/10 \"\"