Sonic Syndicate review

Underrated rockers Sonic Syndicate have more than delivered with their latest release, a self-titled record that’s sure to please fans of any subgenre of metal. Opening with “Day of the Dead,” their Bullet For My Valentine-esque sound is prevalent and make for a catchy tune that will infect your brain and eat away at your subconscious. “Black Hole Halo” opens with an industrial metal intro and carries a vague electronic element while “Long Road Home” is metalcore meets pop punk when it comes to the chorus and is reminiscent of blessthefall, Born of Osiris, Asking Alexandria and other bands of that area. “My Revenge” is one of the standout tracks, starting with some feedback before a dark spoken word line infiltrates the speakers with a John 5-esque riff to open the song. “Before You Finally Break” shows Sonic Syndicate coming out with guns blazing and with an impressive time change halfway through the song is different from the rest of the record in such a way you’ll remember it long after the album ends. “Catching Fire” would make for a great live track” while “Unbreakable” would be perfect for radio. It’s a curveball that stands alone apart from the rest of the album and could be the band’s breakout hit and is guaranteed to be a fan favorite. With a perfect combination of screams and clean vocals, when it’s all said and done Sonic Syndicate would fit beautifully on Warped Tour or Mayhem Festival and are a great example of what you’d get if you mixed blessthefall with Bullet For My Valentine. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards