Social Repose: Yalta Review

Yalta is the newest release from YouTube sensation, Social Repose (Richie Guise). Guise, has made a name for himself in the past by performing looped cover versions  of current popular songs. Yalta, on the contrary, is all original material and it is obvious that this is not the first release from Social Repose.

Yalta is a well crafted declaration of inner strength and self confidence and individuality that in essence, thumbs its nose at detractors.  Billed as electronic  pop, there are only limited portions of Yalta that delve into that arena and in all honesty, I think that those areas do an incredible disservice to this record by diverting the listeners attention away from Guise\’s beautifully controlled & breathy vocals, songwriting and deeper meaning of his songs.

The strength of Yalta is closing track, The Maw. It highlights the profound depth and power of the songwriting abilities that Social Repose possesses.  Other highlights are Arctic Eyes, Island of Yours & the pop punk textured Tail Lights.

Bottom Line:  Yalta was a really enjoyable listen that definitely has earned  a place in my music rotation. If I could have one wish for Yalta, it would be for Social Repose to remember  the old  analogy, More Steak and Less Sizzle.