Social 66 review

Powerhouse rock mixed with an electronic presence is growing in popularity and Social 66 is the latest new band to fuse the two together to create a sound that will make you wonder why they’re just now releasing their self-titled Pavement Music label debut. Opening track \”Crash n Burn” has an old school 80’s metal sound to it in vein of Motley Crue which melds into “Only Me” which kicks off with an electronic techo intro that rings Powerman 5000 or Rob Zombie through and through. A feel good rock and roll party with elements of Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Trapt and other prominent rock heavyweights, Social 66 would be perfect for the summer festival circuit and features some of the most beautiful, heavy, hooky, powerful, blasting guitar lines you’ll hear so far this year. The songs are relatable for the rock crowd and should be a home run for any fan who listens to the record. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards