Smile Empty Soul: Chemicals review

Smile Empty Soul are one of those bands who always have music with substance. Whether it be attitude, heart, soul or passion you’re looking for, you’re always going to find it in their lyrics. The band’s latest offering, Chemicals, is no exception. Coming off some very solid albums that didn’t have the backing they properly deserved, Smile Empty Soul are back with a vengeance in this record and it shows. The band has never been one to stray from where they stand and how they feel and Chemicals enshrines all of the anger and frustration they’ve been holding onto for the last few years and it transfers over into one of the one strong musical outpouring. While the self-titled debut is still going to be considered by fans to be the band’s most aggressive record but Chemicals will appeal to them just as much because of how honest and personal the band gets with the lyrical content. Rating: 8.5/10