Slash: World On Fire review

Fans expecting greatness from Slash\’s third solo record won\’t be disappointed in the least bit with World on Fire. Bringing Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators for the second straight album paid dividends for Slash. While his previous release, Apocalyptic Love, was stellar and exactly what you\’d expect from Slash with the guitar work, World On Fire takes it to another level. Slash is one of the greatest- if not the greatest riffmaster and guitarist of all time and he somehow still finds a way to bring us something that we not only haven\’t heard before- but something that blows us away with how flawless the hooks, riffs and guitar work is. Vocally World on Fire is top notch. Myles Kennedy, as always, is the perfect vocal compliment to Slash. The years of touring together have paid off immensely as it\’s clear they work beautifully together. World on Fire shows what Guns n Roses could have been had things gone differently and it also proves Slash is still untouchable. Rating: 9.5/10 -Reggie Edwards