A Skylit Drive and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus come together to rock Emerson Theater

Support for local talent turned out in droves when A Skylit Drive and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus brought their show to Indy’s Emerson Theater recently. Local bands Nothing Is Sound and Infamous did a great job getting the crowd hyped up, and even featured a guest appearance from Spiderman (aka, Nothing Is Sound bassist Joshua James Hall.) The Indy date marked For The Win’s final show of the tour, and they certainly went out with a bang. Their particular blend of pop-punk mixed with a pinch of hardcore elements was tailor made to play support for a band like Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. The band will be making their European debut as they embark on a 3-week tour with A Loss For Words in May and June. Wolves at the Gate were without a doubt the most intense of the night. Lead singer Nick Detty paced the stage, spending much of the set hunched over the front row of the crowd as he screamed. Towards the end of their set guitarist Steve Cobucci slowed things down and took the opportunity to speak to the crowd about the band’s beliefs. Many in the crowd seemed receptive to the message, and Cobucci encouraged fans to talk to them at their merch table after the show. The show was running a bit behind when Red Jumpsuit Apparatus took to the stage, so the band plowed through their first several songs with minimal crowd interaction. Initially this read as a rather icy stage presence, especially with lead singer Randy Winter and guitarists Matt Carter and all wearing sunglasses, creating a bit of a barrier between the band and crowd. Midway through the set though Winters finally ditched the glasses and started interacting with the crowd a bit more. Fans ate up every minute of their set, especially when they played their two biggest hits, the ballad “Your Guardian Angel” and their breakthrough single “Face Down,” which saw the singers from some of the opening band come on stage for the final chorus. Finally, headliners A Skylit Drive made their way to the stage. By this point the crowd had thinned out a bit, presumably due to the late show time on a weeknight, but the fans that stayed proved to be die-hards, and more than made up for those who left early. Despite the late time, the band’s energy was high throughout the entirety of their set, especially as they went into their new single “Within These Walls” from their upcoming album, slated to release this summer. As the band went in to the final chorus of “All It Takes For Your Dreams To Come True” the urgency and passion of their message reached its peak as the crowd echoed “This time we fight side by side, you and I […] I won’t be alone.” The tour continues on through April 29, now featuring Picture This in place of For The Win. -Ashley Adcox [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/A Skylit Drive and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in Indy/Nothing Is Sound/\”] [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/A Skylit Drive and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in Indy/Infamous/\”] [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/A Skylit Drive and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in Indy/For The Win/\”] [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/A Skylit Drive and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in Indy/Red Jumpsuit Apparatus/\”] [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/A Skylit Drive and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in Indy/A Skylit Drive/\”]