Skillet- Sick of It review

\"Skillet\" by Reggie Edwards Skillet have released “Sick of It,” the lead single from their highly anticipated record, Rise, which is due out in June. More recent fans of the band may be taken back a little bit by the drastic style change on “Sick of It,” which features a very strong electronic foundation mixed with the pounding rock sound that’s bolstered them to the top of the Christian rock ranks. However, longtime fans of the band will feel right at home with the song, which, most newer fans won’t realize, goes back to the early days of Skillet. A lot of fans don’t realize that before the days of Comatose and Awake, there was Collide. BUT before that heavy-hitting rock epic came a couple of albums titled Alien Youth, Hey You I Love Your Soul and Invincible. These were the days when frontman John Cooper dawned the tall blond hair and the band was decked out in futuristic clothes. Oh, those were the days, it’s good to hear the sound back. This, although, a different direction for Skillet, is an impressive returning single and a great combination of old and new Skillet combined. If this is any sign of what’s to come, we may be on the verge of Skillet’s strongest release yet. Rating: 9/10