Skillet release \”Save Me- Reimagined\”

Multi-platinum rock band Skillet has recently released \”Save Me- Reimagined,\” a new version of their latest rock single. The track was produced by the band\’s own Korey Cooper and is now available on all DSPs.
\”I am so proud of my wife Korey for this amazing version of \’Save Me,\’\” commented John Cooper. \”It is haunting and powerful. She never ceases to amaze me.\”
In addition to a new version of the song, \”Save Me\” also has its own video game, which the band launched in May. In the game, each of the bandmembers (John, Korey, Jen and Seth)  are characters fans can select and play as. Once a character is selected, the characters run through a maze where players are meant to avoid various aspects seen in the \”Save Me\” music video: the hand (callout to John’s scene), water/poison (callout to Jen’s scene), and fire (callout to John’s scene/smoking hands burning his eyes), which will be floating around chasing them; similar to the ghosts in Pac Man. SKILLET premiered the music video for \”Save Me\” on their YouTube channel, and hosted a Q&A with over 10,000 fans.  The video had garnered nearly 3.5 million views.
The Free Speech Center at Middle Tennessee State University has recently launched a nationwide awareness effort, the 1 for All Campaign, sharing the critical need nationwide for Americans to know, and practice, our First Amendment rights to free speech, a free press, peaceable assembly, religion and petitioning the government.
The campaign has rallied some star-studded support to get out the word across the country, including Skillet\’s John Cooper, who comments about freedom of faith, saying, \”I am grateful for the unalienable right  to be able to worship God in a free country without fear of government intrusion.  The First Amendment makes that possible.\”
Other artists, authors and athletes supporting it include the legendary Loretta Lynn; Rosanne Cash, Kane Brown, Jason Isbell, Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker; Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton; and bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize finalist Ann Patchett.
Surveys by the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center indicate that one-third of Americans can\’t name a single freedom in the First Amendment and that a vast majority have very little understanding of these liberties. To remedy that, the campaign ads direct members of the public to, where they can learn all they need to know about the First Amendment, including tips on how to help preserve and protect these essential freedoms.