Sister Sin: Black Lotus review

Sister Sin are back with Black Lotus their follow up to 2012\’s immensely-successful Now and Forever, which put them on the map in the United States in many markets. Black Lotus sees Sister Sin keeping musically true to what\’s kept them going all these years and doesn\’t through anything ridiculously new at us here. They\’re on of those bands that, when you pick up a Sister Sin album you know exactly what you\’re gonna get. What we get in Black Lotus is a heavier record with Sister Sin cranking the voltage up even higher. Sister Sin have set out to make a statement that not only are they one of the best international metal bands but one of the best bands period. They\’ve proved this tenfold and have improved upon everything they did on Now and Forever. Vocally and lyrically this is one of Sister Sin\’s strongest studio efforts yet. Set for a late October release, this should be the record that catapults the band to an even higher level in the United States and their popularity is guaranteed to grow. Rating: 8.5/10 -Reggie Edwards