Silver From the Flames- Wildfire review

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Indiana’s Silver From the Flames are about to break onto the scene and take everyone by storm. Nothing is more evident of this than their debut EP, Wildfire, which released not too long ago. You wouldn’t expect much from a band whose oldest member is 15 years old, but let me tell you this- the five-song EP will absolutely blow your mind. It’s hard to put into words how talented this four-piece sibling band is with how young they are. From the start of the opening title track, it’s clear these kids know how to rock. Move onto “Goodbye to the Never,” “Party Inside” and “Charade,” (which is already garnering some radio play) and you’ve got the perfect set up for the final song, “Second Chance.” This is a great album which far exceeds any expectations we might have had for the kids in Silver From the Flames. Don’t let their age fool you, these kids are a force to be reckoned with. Rating: 8/10