Silent Planet stream new song \”Anhedonia\”

Silent Planet has released another new song from their upcoming album ‘Iridescent’ out November 12 via Solid State Records. “Anhedonia” is available now to stream on all digital music platforms at this link:
The song is the third new single to be released from the new album. Following “Panopticon” and “Terminal” released last month.
“Anhedonia is about watching your homeland burn to the ground-literally… and figuratively,” explains vocalist Garrett Russell on the song. “And as corporations get away with murder and mega-church leaders indoctrinate the masses with hate and fear… you watch your loved ones begin to disappear. They disappear and you don’t know if the love is just lost or if it’s gone forever. Under the cloud of chemicals, you become numb.”
The band has always been revered for their unique fusion of story telling lyrics and modern metal and have been plotting a new chapter set against a backdrop of bleak cinematic soundscapes.
“As I took my meds, I watched the world shift around me, and even my own reflection started to shift. I was met with strange visions and imagery, some of which was congruent with ancient mythology,” says vocalist Garrett Russell on the concept of the upcoming album. “It was during all of this that I began to wonder if the hopelessness was buried too deep for medications to solve on their own. Maybe, I wondered, this is simply the human condition. But above all, I hope the listener understand that our albums are meant to be understood as whole pieces, and while this song is certainly coming from my genuine experience with despair, there’s more to the ‘Iridescent’ story that’s yet to be revealed.\”
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‘Iridescent’ Track Listing
1. 112
2. Translate the Night
3. Trilogy
4. Second Sun
5. Panopticon
6. The Sound Of Sleep
7. Alive, as a Housefire
8. Terminal
9. (liminal);
10. Anhedonia
11. Till We Have Faces
12. Iridescent