Sidney Fenix: Predistilled review

New artists and underground Hip Hop artists have always had a special place in my music ears for one simple fact—the talent is “crazy good.” The pool of talent of the new artists and underground hip hop artists that are making their way into the commercial music scene is grand and one artist in particular that should be looked out for is Sidney Fenix. Fenix who recently released, Predistilled, is an artist that everyone needs to take note of, especially with his lyrical flow and ability to keep your interest. The album opens up with track, “Abraha,” which gives you a peak of how the album will flow. From first glance, you will think the album’s opener is another dark rap album with crazy lyrical content, but it’s far from it. “Abraha” also takes a dive into the lyricism of Fenix and his creative flow. When it comes to rap, I’m a huge fan of songs that are catchy and present more than a mere message, but a prelude to what is to come from the artist for future projects to come. The track “Working” is the catchiest song on the album because of the intro and funky beat. The album does slow down a bit with “Heaven,’’ in which the artist leads you into a euphoric state of mind of calmness to help put your problems to the side. This track also helps the budding emcee slow down as his lyrics aren’t as hardcore compared to other tracks on the album. “Moonmaster” is one of the strongest tracks on the album as Fenix opens his world to the listeners. He talks about his past and how it has helped him to transform into the person he is today. “First” is also another track on the album that should not be overlooked- hands down. Overall, Predistilled is an album that you will want to have on your iPod to help kill some time. Underground hip hop is a genre that has always been overlooked, but Sidney Fenix is an artist you don’t want to sleep on. If you can stomach a Kanye West album, you will be more than happy to hear this album. Rating: 8/10 -Samantha Pounds