Sick Puppies: Connect review

\"ConnectAustralian rockers Sick Puppies are finally back with their latest release- a special one- in Connect. With Connect, they asked fans what they want to see on the new record and wrote based on the responses. The outcome was one kickass record. Connect sees Sick Puppies experimenting with sounds on a couple songs while still keeping that “Sick Puppies sound” fans have grown accustomed to over the last few records. There’s some songs that remind you of a nature-esque romantic tune, while songs like “Under a Very Black Sky” have a very theatrical-sounding element. “Gunfight” will make you chuckle as you rock out at the same time and “Poison” is just a beautiful song in itself- perhaps one of the most calming and beautiful songs the band has produced yet. Bassist Emma Anzai has more vocal showcase than ever before on Connect with her voice being heard on numerous songs and the sole singer on “Under a Very Black Sky,” while Anzai and frontman Shimon Moore share vocal duties on a few songs including the opening “Die to Save You.” At the end of the day, Sick Puppies fans everywhere will love this record as it shows the band taking an even more mature approach than the previous Tri-Polar, which was a superb record in itself. Connect may just be the most complete, mature and powerful record the band has produced. Rating: 9/10  -Reggie Edwards