Shinedown- Amaryllis

by Reggie Edwards When Shinedown released \”The Sound of Madness\” in 2007, it was clear it would be tough for \"\" them to top themselves on the follow-up. Enter 2012 and they\’re back and even though their latest record, \”Amaryllis,\” isn\’t a better record, it\’s a close call and one of the best follow-up records I\’ve heard in a long time. There was a lot of hype leading up to the release of \”Amaryllis\” and the first single, \”Bully,\” went straight to number 1 on radio. That\’s not even the best song, though, which means there\’s more to come and better to come from Shinedown for quite some time on the radio. The opener, \”Adrenaline,\” gives the record that energetic and amped up feel we all desire from a rock album. After that Shinedown blows us away with the personal and emotional radio hit, \”Bully.\” What we can expect to be the next hits from \”Amaryllis,\” and my personal favorites are the title track (\”Amaryllis\”), \”Miracle,\” \”I\’ll Follow You,\” and \”Through The Ghost.\” \”Miracle\” and \”Amaryllis\” remind me a lot of \”Second Chance\” and \”If You Only Knew\” from \”The Sound of Madness.\” Is this one better than \”The Sound of Madness?\” No, it\’s not, but you can\’t expect it to be. What I expected from this record was a mature, artistic and beautiful masterpiece that was reminiscent of \”The Sound of Madness\” but that is also it\’s own record and that\’s exactly what I got with \”Amaryllis.\” Rating: 9/10 Release Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2012