Sevendust takes the throne at Castle Theater

\"Sevendust\" by Phillip Coon The Castle Theater in Bloomington, Ill. was the place to be on February 21 when Three Days Hollow, Avatar led the way as support for Lacuna Coil and Sevendust on their current tour. Three Days Hollow, a local band from the Quad City, IL area, were the first band to perform. This was my first time hearing of and seeing this band live and I was not at all disappointed. They have a solid rock sound, something that you would hear on your local radio station. Three Days Hollow said that they all quit their day jobs and were making it a goal to get signed and tour around the United States. Given the opportunity to do the Midwest portion of the tour with Sevendust and Lacuna Coil is a good way to get a broader audience. Next band up was another one that I have not heard of, Avatar, all the way from Sweden. With that kind of name I wasn’t sure what to expect. Even when the band played their first song, I was left thinking to myself what the heck is going on. The singer came out in a black leather trench coat and executioner mask. After the first tune the singer went off stage, then came back with an Alice Cooper meets Alex from A Clockwork Orange outfit. Wearing a black top hat, face painted with black lines around the eyes and mouth, and carrying a cane with silver skull on top, the lead singer got the crowd ready to go with face melting metal music. The crowd was definitely into the band, moshing and head-banging along with the music. I will say that Avatar was the surprise band of the night and had everyone talking. Lacuna Coil was the third band on the bill and though I have never seen them live, I have heard a couple songs and was excited about finally getting to see them.  Lacuna Coil performed popular songs “Our Truth,” “Heavens a Lie,” “I Won’t Tell You” and new hit song “Trip the Darkness”. The crowd was really into the music and sang along with the lyrics. I really like the voice dynamic with the male and female lead singers, and the gothic sound of the band is great. Finally, headliner Sevendust took the stage to rock out with the fans. This was my third time seeing them live and they never fail to put on a good show. The band has a great energy that gets the audience into the music, singing, moshing, stage diving, etc.  They performed most of their hit songs, “Bitch,” “Denial,” “Praise,” “Pieces.” Sevendust dedicated the song “Angels Son” to the late, great Lynn Strait of the band Snot, a friend of the band, who passed away in a car accident at the age of 30. They also dedicated it to guitarist Clint Lowery, whose father passed away recently.  To promote the new upcoming album Black Out The Sun, Sevendust performed two new songs “Decay” and “Til Death.” Overall this concert was a success and all of the bands did their best to get the crowd into the music and have a good time. Not to mention The Castle Theater was sold out for the concert during a snow and ice storm. This just confirms the force Sevendust is as well as the other bands and the dedication of their fan base.