Sevendust blacks out Kokomo

\"Sevendust\" When fans flocked to Kokomo, Ind.’s Centerstage Bar and Grill recently, one thing was for sure- Sevendust had arrived. The current fall leg of the Black Out the Sun Tour features support from American Fangs and Serosia and fans got more than their money’s worth at the Kokomo stop. American Fangs kicked it off with their Houston-based, high octane performance that engaged fans to the point they couldn’t help but get into it. Their debut record, which dropped in May, has been a success for them and they’ve been on the road nonstop ever since. With just one record out, the opening slot was perfect for them as they didn’t have to play so much music they’d lose the fans and they got to play just enough material to gain the respect and create some new fans. You can’t help but love American Fangs- they’re the epitome of a rock band and they leave everything on the stage. After a set from Digital Collapse which kept the fans moving and ready for more, Texas’ Serosia took the stage to introduce the crowd to their enthusiastic, full-throttle set. Serosia is your typical rock band trying to get their big break but there’s something special about them. They may be in the early stages of their career but they get it- they know what it takes to play a big stage, they know what it takes to blow a crowd away. Frontman Lucas D’Agata jumps on stage more than some of the most energetic mainmen in the business and the band’s chemistry is unmatchable. Serosia are way ahead of where they should be at this stage and with Ill Nino’s Christian Machado as their manager, don’t expect them to go away anytime soon. In fact, expect them to get their big break sooner rather than later. After Serosia took the Kokomo crowd to the verge of exhaustion, Sevendust took the stage to give the final knockout punch. They played an impressive combination of songs from virtually every record, including all the classics- “Waffle,” “Black,” Denial,” and more and the crowd couldn’t have been louder as the night progressed. There’s nothing better than a venue where the crowd is so close they can touch the band and that’s exactly what you get at Centerstage Bar and Grill, with the stage about as close to the security barricade as you can get, adding another level of intimate insanity to the show. The band took full advantage of the close crowd with frontman Lajon Witherspoon spending most of the show up-close with the crowd and virtually on top of the crowd and making friends with each and every one of them. With the majority of the crowd composed of diehard Sevendust fans, they knew every word to every song and sang so loud you could barely hear Witherspoon and the band- to which Witherspoon gave right back with some of the most gratitude you’ll find and was almost brought to tears with how excited and dedicated the fans were.