Sevendust- Black Out the Sun review


by Philip Coon Finally, the ninth studio album by Atlanta rockers, Sevendust is nearly upon us. Black Out the Sun is set to be released on Tuesday March 26, through 7 Bros. Records. After seeing Sevendust perform a couple of new songs “Decay” and “Til Death” on their current tour,a lot of people have been anxious to hear the rest of the album. Fear not, Sevendust fans, Black Out the Sun does not disappoint in the least bit.   A non-vocal intro “Memory” starts the album with a slow, almost gothic metal sound. And then boom, here comes the song “Faithless”, you will instantly start banging your head to the music, and the tone for the rest of the album has been set. Black Out the Sun is darker than the band’s previous effort, Cold Day Memory, but singer Lajon Witherspoon’s melodic vocals, with heavy guitar and drums are a staple on the new album, as always. It’s amazing how Sevendust are one of the rare rock bands to consistently put out a great record time after time and Black Out the Sun is no exception Rating: 10/10