Sevendust black out For Wayne with Coal Chamber and more

by Reggie Edwards When Sevendust announced the release of their new album, Black Out the Sun, fans not only started pre-ordering but they also wanted to know when the band would tour on it. When the band finished up their first tour leg, they immediately went back on tour again- but the question was raised- how could you make the tour better than it already was with Lacuna Coil? Easy- bring out Candlelight Red and the newly reformed Coal Chamber, who were looking to do a comeback co-headline tour. This is the way touring should be- four great bands who all get along and are all great performers. Candlelight Red kicked off the night at the always-wild Piere’s Entertainment Center in Fort Wayne, Ind. with the honor of getting the crowd ready for Coal Chamber, Lacuna Coil and Sevendust- a duty they took very seriously. \"Candlelight These guys were all over the place, utilizing every inch of the stage, interacting with the crowd, completely taking advantage of the opportunity set before them- something they’ve been doing for a few years now. After Candlelight Red got the crowd all riled up and signed some free posters (always a great way to increase fanbase), legendary Italian gothic rockers Lacuna Coil took the stage. \"Lacuna Lacuna Coil’s set, with dual lead vocals from Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia, gave for a very dramatic and opera-like performance and had the crowd in a metal trance the whole time- captivating with every song and every note that left their mouths. Lacuna Coil are a band everyone needs to see at some point- even if they don’t know a single song, there’s no denying how dynamic the band is live and they will hook you and never let go. \"Lacuna Before Sevendust came on, the crowd was treated to something many thought would never happen- Coal Chamber’s triumphant return to the metal limelight. They had everything you would want from Coal Chamber and more. They band took the stage captive and didn’t let up until the crowd was near exhausted. \"Coal They kicked it off with “Loco,” a Coal Chamber anthem if there ever was one and went straight into a plethora of Chamber classics that had the crowd circling, brawling, surfing and more. Yes, they had the legendary megaphone which frontman Dez Fafara belts the entire song “Rowboat,” much to the crowd’s pleasure. \"Coal They ended their night with “Sway,” yet another Coal Chamber fan favorite and anyone who was left standing was ready for Sevendust to take the stage. As Sevendust took the stage, an aura fell over the crowd. It was a feeling you just can’t put into words. It was clear the crowd was in awe of the band and was ready to let it all out. The band belted out song-after-song and the crowd got rowdier as each song wore on. \"Sevendust\" Singer LaJon Weatherspoon was in rare form, vocally and interactively. He was cordial and polite as usual and interacted with the crowd on a very personal level- something he’s always been known for  and made sure to do. Everyone who crowd surfed over the security barricade, Weatherspoon made sure to shake hands with and connect with, something you don’t see from every singer and he thanked the fans numerous times for coming out. \"Sevendust Sidestage during their set were Coal Chamber, who the guys in Sevendust made sure to acknowledge and joke with throughout their set, making it clear both bands got along, were happy to be on tour together and this made for an even bigger response from the crowd. “Bitch,” “Black,” “Waffle” and “Rumblefish” were among the Sevendust classics in the set along with “Decay” and many other new songs from Black Out the Sun, making for a great night for new and longtime Sevendust fans alike. Candlelight Red interview Lacuna Coil interview: Sevendust interview: