Set to Reflect: A New Path to Walk On review

Within the past ten years or so a flurry of post hardcore bands have come and gone, some are still around and others are looking to make a name for themselves. Up and coming post hardcore group from Akron, Ohio – Set To Reflect, has a sound that sets it apart from many of those bands. Set To Reflect consists of  band founder/vocalist Tony McVaney, co-founder/guitarist Alan Bryan, guitarist Matthew Scott, drummer Will Green, and bassist Trevor Green. Drawing influences from My Chemical Romance , The Chariot, and Asking Alexandria, Set To Reflect released their new EP A New Path To Walk On April 2013. Opening track \”Creation in the Making\” prepares the listener for the what Set To Reflect is all about, and that is making good music with a fuck you attitude. With \”I am the One Who Knocks\”, \”Impressions\” and \”More Than Familiar\”, vocalist Tony McVaney mixes great clean and screaming vocals along with metal guitar riffs, and hardcore bass and drum sounds. \”The Science and a Secret\” is a good song to close out the EP, the clean vocals and musical sound is heavily influenced by My Chemical Romance. The release of A New Path To Walk On makes Set To Reflect as one of those must listen bands, they have a sound that makes them stick out amongst the many post hardcore bands. Rating: 9/10 – Philip Coon