Sepultura announce Sepulnation compilation

Despite being arguably Brazil’s biggest ever music export, when extreme metal legends Sepultura lost their original frontman and founder (alongside brother and drummer Iggor Cavalera) Max Cavalera in 1996 after their hugely influential ‘Roots’ album, many thought the band would not recover from his departure. However, in Cleveland, Ohio punk and hardcore scene veteran Derrick Green, Sepultura found a formidable, towering force that would lead the band with power and conviction through this new era of their career. ‘Sepulnation – The Studio Albums 1998 – 2009’, released through BMG on October 22nd, celebrates the bands seconds phase, and this five-album boxset (across eight slabs of vinyl or five CDs) contains the albums; Against, Nation, Roorback, Dante XXI and A-Lex, all of which are half speed cut, remastered and back on 180g vinyl for the first time in a decade and also as a collector’s CD box. In addition, the ‘Roorback’ album features the rare ‘Revolusongs’ EP, which is available for the first time digitally and saw the band celebrate their influences with covers of bands as musically broad as Devo, Exodus, U2 and Massive Attack!  Serving as a guided tour of the boxset, Derrick, Andreas and Paulo have curated a Spotify playlist of their favourite tracks from these albums which you can listen to HERE and to further wet your appetites, you can view a new vinyl unboxing video of ‘Sepulnation’ HERE: ‘Sepulnation – The Studio Albums 1998-2009’ brings the focus back on a period of the band that may have been missed by early supporters and shows that the fire continued to burn bright throughout.  “It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of Sepultura\’s history,” states frontman Derrick Green. “I’m proud of all the work we have done together and it only makes sense to have this box set format released for the fans to have the complete history of Sepultura. Long live the Sepulnation!” Pre-order ‘Sepulnation’ HERE: Sepulnation – The Studio Albums 1998-2009’ track listing: AGAINST SIDE A Against Choke Rumors Old Earth Floaters in Mud Boycott Tribus Common Bonds SIDE B F.O.E. Reza Unconscious Kamaitachi Drowned Out Hatred Aside T3rcermillennium NATION SIDE A Sepulnation Revolt Border Wars One Man Army SIDE B Vox Populi The Ways of Faith Uma Cura Who Must Die? SIDE C Saga Tribe to a Nation Politricks Human Cause SIDE D Reject Water Valtio ROORBACK (inc Revolusongs – Disc 2) SIDE A Come Back Alive Godless Apes of God More of the Same Urge Corrupted SIDE B As It Is Mind War Leech The Rift Bottomed Out Activist Outro SIDE C Messiah Angel Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos SIDE D Mongoloid Mountain Song Bullet the Blue Sky Piranha DANTE XXI SIDE A Lost (Intro) Dark Wood of Error Convicted in Life City of Dis False Fighting On SIDE B Limbo (Intro) Ostia Buried Words Nuclear Seven Repeating the Horror Eunoe (Intro) Crown and Miter Primium Mobile (Intro) Still Flame A-LEX SIDE A A-Lex I Moloko Mesto Filthy Rot We\’ve Lost You! What I Do! SIDE B A-Lex II The Treatment Metamorphosis Sadistic Values SIDE C Forceful Behavior Conform A-Lex III The Experiment Strike SIDE D Enough Said Ludwig Van A-Lex IV Paradox