Seether rocks Indy on Triple Threat Tour

\"\" by Hans Jaeger photos by Reggie Edwards It was a night of highs and lows at the Indy date of the Triple Threat tour. Eye Empire, Kyng, and Seether rounded out this tour that was originally about the power trios. With Sick Puppies having recently dropped off the tour both Eye Empire and Kyng extended their sets to cover for the absence. This, however, was a bit of a disappointment as neither Eye Empire nor Kyng stood out of the ordinary or mundane. When going out to this tour I found myself revisiting Seether. It wasn’t until sitting down with their discography that the sense settled in just how much influence these guys have had on hard-rock over the last decade or so. They have had hit after hit plus a deep catalog of B-Sides that are just as spectacular if not more so tha n the radio hits Seether are known for. As the crowd began to settle in a bit of apprehension was in the air. A mix of curiosity and unsettled stirring was all around. This was quickly dispelled as Eye Empire took the stage. Eye Empire had good stage presence but came off as somewhat stale and generic. Their messages were clear on stage but I found myself bored with their set. Eye Empire’s bassist, Corey Lowery, played a solid set while maintaining a high level of energy throughout. \"\" However the crowds’ response was lackluster at best. With a bit of time and maturity this band may be able to blossom into something more. Next up was the power trio from southern California- Kyng. From a low key intro to a fairly low key set the trio was less than impressive; Not to mention the mix was off. This could either be on the in house technician or the band themselves. From the vocals being rough to the guitar and bass almost being inaudible, Kyng lost the crowd quickly. However one note to keep in mind was the drummer, Pepe Clarke, who was impressive to say the least. With one impressive member the set could not be saved and the crowd began to scatter. Finally we come to headliner Seether. \"\" This long-running band saved a night that up to this point had been fairly off. The set was a steam-punk wonderland. From cogs and gears to chandeliers, a set piece straight out of an H.G. Wells novel. The atmosphere was set and the \"\"crowds’ anticipation became palpable. As the lights dimmed, the crowd’s lackadaisical interest became intense focus. A flood of white and red lights set the stage on the mechanical nightmare while they open with the lesser known “No Jesus Christ”. The crowds’ energy began to fill the room as the show rolled through hit after hit. A great mix of classics like “Gasoline” all the way into the newer hits like “Country Song” was on display. A sea of purple washed over the crowd as they moved into “Broken” and the crowd sang lyric for lyric with the band. It was a great evening of music from Seether. I can’t say I would try to catch the openers again, but if you’re a fan of Seether than a show worth going to see.
Pre-concert interview with Eye Empire frontman Donald Carpenter:
Pre-concert interview with Seether drummer John Humphrey: