Seether: Isolate and Medicate review

Sometimes when a band gets ready to release a new record, fans get excited and the demand is through the roof. Then there are the bands that, when they announce the release of a new album, fans get rabid and the anticipation is undeniable. Seether are part of the latter and their latest release, Isolate and Medicate, has been no different from the last with the buildup. The lead single, “Words As Weapons” has been a huge success- much like “Country Song” was from Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray and shows the band experimenting just like the previous single did as well. With the band’s previous release coming off the heels of the widely successful Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces but not completely living up to expectations, Seether needed to deliver on this one to keep fans completely interested and satisfied with their sixth record. Not only did they deliver with Isolate and Medicate but they’ve released what could very well be their best album since Karma and Effect or, dare I say Disclaimer II. Tracks like “See You at the Bottom,” “Same Damn Life,” “My Disaster,” “Watch Me Drown” and “Keep the Dogs at Bay” are vintage Seether in the vein of songs like “Gasoline” or “Remedy” and are guaranteed to please anyone who’s been a fan since the early days. From the kickoff of opener “See You at the Bottom” you know Isolate and Medicate is gonna be a good one and when it leads right into “Same Damn Life” and followed by lead single “Words as Weapons” we’re in the bread and butter of the record and there isn’t much filler. “Nobody Praying  for Me” is the standout track of the record and has the sonical feel of “Fine Again” combined with the message of “No Jesus Christ” and should be a big hit for Seether. In the end, Seether have come off the heels of a mildly decent record and returned with the record of their careers. Isolate and Medicate has the classic hard rock feel needed to please the longtime Seether faithful while utilizing some of the toned down rock of Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces or Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray that will appeal to the newer Seether fans as well. Isolate and Medicate comes full circle for Seether and is a perfect mixture of every record they’ve released while keeping things new and fresh. If you want a Seether record that’s as close to the old days as possible this is the record you need to check out. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards