Get ready, rock world- the latest electronic rock band is set to break onto the scene in Seek Irony. Originating in Israel, the band recently relocated to Texas, where they are set to take the United States rock world by storm- and with their debut album, Tech N\’ Roll, there\’s no reason why they can\’t do just that. Tech N\’ Roll is exactly what we need right now- it\’s not something completely new and out of left field but it\’s just fresh enough to keep us on our toes. Some tracks are straight up rock powerhouses while others have a touch of industrial and electronica that we\’ve all come to know and love. However, when it comes to fusing the two sides together, you have to be careful. Too much of it and fans will lose interest and think you tried too hard while if there isn\’t enough, they\’ll wonder why you even tried it at all. Seek Irony doesn\’t fall short on either end. Some tracks have a dark Marilyn Manson-esque vibe while others are in-your-face rock anthems that will get stuck in your head and wreak havoc on your cerebellum and your subconscious. Seek Irony may be new to the rock world with this being their debut, but it doesn\’t show. They sound clean, polished and mature in every aspect. Look for big things from Seek Irony in 2015 and go pick up Tech N\’ Roll when it releases- you won\’t regret it. Rating: 8.5/10 -Reggie Edwards