The Score release new single- The Best Part

Today, gold-certified and critically acclaimed LA-based, New York-born rock band The ScoreEddie Anthony and Edan Dover—reveal their new single “Best Part.” Get it HERE via Republic Records. On the track, bold percussion echoes beneath the sing-song refrain, “I can be a liar, I can be a cheat, I can be neurotic, I can be a freak, I can be everything in between, but you always find the best part of me. Bold guitars roar as “Best Part” resounds with raw rafter-reaching power. On the track the band said, “Being a human is complicated. We possess amazing qualities, but we also have sides to us that we’re not proud of. We make mistakes. ‘Best Part’ is about how even at our worst moments, the moments where we lie and we cheat and are insecure, there’s someone in our life that sees the very best in us, even when we can’t.” The Score closed out 2019 with the banger “Bulletproof” featuring Xylø. It has already accumulated over 5.1 million Spotify streams and counting. Plus, “Bulletproof” notably featured as the end title song in NETFLIX’s 6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Michael Bay. Three additional anthems from the group also played in the film, including “Glory,” “Legend” and “The Fear. New York-born and Los Angeles-based duo The Score stand out as a fiery genre-defying phenomenon, incinerating the lines between rock, pop, indie, and electronic. Powered by ubiquitous anthems such as “Oh My Love,” gold-selling “Legend” and “Unstoppable, the boys have racked up nearly 3 Billion cumulative streams worldwide over the course of numerous EPs—UnstoppableMyths & Legends, Pressure and Stay—and a 2017 full-length debut, ATLAS. As they ignited venues across the world with sold out tours in China, Europe, Mexico and the U.S., in addition their music has been used in campaigns for Jeep, NBA, and beyond.