Saving Abel- Bringing Down the Giant

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Rock giants Saving Abel are back with Bringing Down the Giant, the follow-up to their successful 2010 sophomore release,Miss America. I wasn’t a big fan of Miss America as a record. It was going to be tough for them to follow up on their debut, especially when the lead single was an instant hit like “Addicted.” I thought the concept of the title track was kind of cool but overall it seemed like they were trying too hard and too quickly to one-up themselves. That doesn’t seem to be the case on Bringing Down the Giant, though. I loved this album. The record starts off strong with the title track. It’s not a cool concept song like “Miss America” and it’s not a song about sex like “Addicted” or “The Sex is Good” but it should definitely be a hit. It’s got that southern rock-like groove that we all love. The song I really loved off this one was “Michael Jackson’s Jacket.” I’ll be honest, I almost laughed a bit when I saw the title. It was just so random of a song title, but then…then I heard the song and I instantly loved it. It’s genius and clever. It talks about a girl who’s so smooth she’s like Michael Jackson’s jacket. Pretty cool, huh? Then you’ve got songs like “Amazing,” that take the soft side we heard on songs like “18 Days” and builds on it. Overall, this is probably the strongest release we’ve seen from Saving Abel. I must say, I’m impressed. Rating: 8/10