Savage Hands Announce Drop \”Rock Bottom\” Video

Savage Hands, a hard rock group hailing from the Maryland and Virginia region, will release the Rock Bottom EP via SharpTone Records on April 7. Pre-order it here. Today, the band has shared the video for the title track. Watch it here. \”When people read the word \’rock bottom,\’ they typically associate it with something that’s super negative,\” the band says. \”In this sense, we\’re using it as if it\’s just where we come from. We come from a low point in the industry, as everyone else does, and we want to make it known that we\’re proud of where we came from and we love the grind. It takes a lot to be a musician these days and we\’re proud of the things we had to do and will continue to do to keep getting our music into new ears. It\’s celebrating the small victories and respecting the long game.\” ROCK BOTTOM EP TRACK LISTING: \”Angel Dust\” \”Black Clouds\” \”Rock Bottom\” \”Halo\” \”Smile\”