Satan\’s Host: Virgin Sails review

Metal and Satan have always gone hand-in-hand and, in today’s metal world, Satan’s presence is growing- just look at bands like Ghost, Butcher Babies All Yail the Yeti and other bands who either talk about Satan or have Satanic symbols on much of their merchandise. One of the best bands to not hit the big time, who utilize Satan on many levels are Colorado’s Satan’s Host. No strangers to the metal world, Satan’s Host have been around for decades, owning the underground metal world and, with their latest offering, Virgin Sails, are ready to take the rest of the metal world by storm. With grueling and bludgeoning metal riffs courtesy of Patrick Evil and vocals from Leviathan Thisire that would make Dio proud, it’s a wonder why Satan’s Host haven’t been on the forefront of metal all these years, especially with forming in 1986. Virgin Sails has everything you’d expect from a metal album in long tracks, dark lyrics, and stand-out musicianship. Look for Satan’s Host to make a serious run at the mainstream metal world and make their mark this hear. All hail Satan’s Host. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards