Sanctus Real- Run review


by Reggie Edwards

Sanctus Real are back with their sixth studio album, Run, an album that shows the growth and maturity of Sanctus Real at its best.

Has it really been 11 years since their debut, Say it Loud, released? Man, how time flies. Run is some of the band’s best work, showing some very mature and inspirational songwriting and themes.

There’s a small handful of bands who have been around for 11 years or longer in the Christian music industry and who are still in their prime while offering up a stronger message every album.

Sanctus Real is one of those bands have long been a favorite of Christian radio with their messages of hope through hurting and Run is no exception.

There’s an ongoing theme of running to God when things are tough, when life throws you curve balls and when your trials outweigh your triumphs.

With dominant lyrics, outstanding vocals, inspiration beyond your wildest dreams and withstanding the test of time, it’s clear Sanctus Real are at the top of their game on Run.

Rating: 8.5/10