Saliva debut new single from In It To Win It, \”Rise Up\” as with new singer, new label and new album

If you counted Saliva out when you heard that they had parted ways with singer
Josey Scott, you have been proven dead wrong – all you have to do is give a
listen to the group\’s upcoming single, \”Rise Up\” (impacting radio and available
for purchase via all digital stores on February 18th), and album of the same
name (April 29th, via Rum Bum). And with new singer Bobby Amaru firmly in place,
it appears as though there is a bright future for the new-look Saliva line-up,
which also includes guitarist Wayne Swinny, bassist Dave Novotny, and drummer
Paul Crosby.

\”We\’re lucky to have found him,\” says Swinny about his new band mate. \”We
discovered him through one of our old crew guys. He really energized the rest of
us. He\’s a great songwriter, and a top-shelf producer in his own right.\”

With acclaimed producer Bobby Huff (Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down, Tim Finn) on
board, all the pieces seem to be in place. And Saliva has delivered with their
new single, \”Rise Up.\” \”\’Rise Up\’ …it\’s a statement on where we\’re at,\” adds
Swinny. \”The title just has that fire to it.\”

And if you are a longtime Saliva fan, you are sure to be extremely pleased with
the full-length \’Rise Up\’ – a bold record full of big hooks, swagger and plenty
of guitars. And, outside of the ballad \”Lost,\” it\’s first and foremost a rock
record. These are songs that kick hard, from the immediacy of the aforementioned
\”Rise Up,\” to the slow build of \”Choke,\” and the rollickin\’ \”Redneck Freakshow,\”
a song the band seems particularly proud of.

Saliva has already debuted a number of new songs live, with Amaru seamlessly
working his way into the line-up. \”The audiences have been great,\” says the
singer. \”I think we have a whole new energy on stage.\” Expect to see the band on
tour the rest of the year and well into next. \”It\’s definitely a throwback, fun,
party rock show,\” adds Swinny. \”And Bobby\’s putting his own spin on the older

Another piece to the puzzle has been uniting with a new independent label, Rum
Bum Records, founded by Luis Bacardi, based in Miami, FL. Led by a team of
industry veterans dedicated to finding original talent of all genres, the label
offers worldwide distribution, and provides artists with the resources necessary
to develop and expand their careers. By utilizing a variety of platforms
including imaging, video production, marketing, social media, and publicity, Rum
Bum Records is able to create versatile portfolios for talent, opening the doors
to as many opportunities as possible. Additionally, the label has a full state
of the art HD Film studio to successfully build an artist’s image and brand
identity into one that is fully recognized and sought after by the public.

There\’s certainly a lot of revitalized energy on display throughout \’Rise Up.\’
And despite his late arrival, Amaru thinks he knows why Saliva in 2014 sounds as
vital as they were in 2001. \”We\’ve just gone back to the basics. You know,
/being a rock band.\”/

Wayne Swinny – guitars
Dave Novotny – bass
Paul Crosby – drums, percussion
Bobby Amaru – vocals

\’Rise Up\’ Tracklisting [subject to change]
1-\”Rise Up\”
2-\”She Can Sure Hide Crazy\”
3-\”No One But Me\”
5-\”1000 Eyes\”
6-\”Redneck Freakshow\”
10-\”In It To Win It\”
11-\”The Enemy\”
12- \”I Don’t Want It\”