Ryle and Darksiderz Release Remixes For Combichrist\’s \”From My Cold Dead Hands\”

Ryle\’s \”Deathelectro\” Remix is a high energy 128bpm brutal bashing, designed to annhilate dance floors. Reminiscent of top tier EDM acts like Knife Party and Far Too Loud, Ryle showcases his ability capture the essence of an original track, and then smash it to bits by switching styles and mashing genres. His remix is filled with surgical synth work, hyper-edits and glitch cuts, and speaking speaker shaking bass sounds.
Darksiderz flips the cut for a full on 150bpm hardstyle stomp through the underground sound of hard dance. Ready to take your head off with its screeching synths, punishing percussion, and unorthodox use of melodic elements that drive the track forward with unstoppable momentum. Industrial die hards will quickly embrace the huge distorted kick drums and tempo changes that supercharge the original track into this highly volatile mixture. The original track\’s Melodic vocoder vocals meet aggressive shouts in an irresistible club hybrid that leaves you craving more. \”From My Cold Dead Hands (Remixes)\” release also contains the original version of the new Combichrist-smasher, and in addition to the remixes by by Ryle and Darksiderz, the release features remixes by Monikkr vs. Matlin, Gavin Reign, Nitro/Noise, and ex-Marilyn-Manson- and current Rob-Zombie-drummer Ginger Fish. Buy Combichrist \”From My Cold Dead Hands (Ryle\’s DeathElectro Remix)\” onBeatport! Buy Combichrist \”From My Cold Dead Hands (Darksiderz Hardstyle Remix)\” onBeatport! Full track list: 1. From My Cold Dead Hands (Album Version) 2. From My Cold Dead Hands (DeathElectro Remix by Ryle) 3. From My Cold Dead Hands (Remixed by Nitro/Noise) 4. From My Cold Dead Hands (Darksiderz Hardstyle Remix) 5. From My Cold Dead Hands (Monikkr vs. Matlin NYC Club Remix) 6. From My Cold Dead Hands (Gavin Reign Remix) 7. From My Cold Dead Hands (Remix by Ginger Fish feat. Disco Death Rock) 8. You Amount To None
\"Ryle\"   Ryle www.facebook.com/RyleMusic www.soundcloud.com/Rylemusic Emerging from the pixelated shadows that cloak the space between worlds, this charismatic live performer is poised to explode to the forefront of the rapidly evolving EDM movement. His wildly unique dj/mc performances deliver a rapid fire display of lightning fast mixing techniques on multiple decks, coupled with crowd controlling aggressive live vocals, to create a synchronized sonic thrill ride into the next level of modern day electronic music. \"Ryle\"   Darksiderz www.facebook.com/DarksiderzMusic www.soundcloud.com/Darksiderz Darksiderz descend upon us from the far reaches of the unknown. He brings a powerful sound of exclusive hard beats that will control both your mind and your body once you step onto the dancefloor. He is a powerhouse behind the decks and in the studio with influences ranging from hard dance to industrial to death metal. He has combined different sounds to spawn a new hard EDM concept and the world will soon know the power of the darkside.