RUMAHOY Releases New Single and Lyric Video “Treasure Gun”

The Pirate Metal prodigies RUMAHOY bestow yet another single fresh off their new album Time II: Party, to be released via Napalm Records on July 17, upon us. “Treasure Gun” shines with a steady rhythm, smashing drums and quick guitars – this track has it all. The single is accompanied by a minimalistic though tasteful lyric video that will bring the story of the legendary gun closer to the viewer. Standing out due to the fact that, instead of shooting bullets, this firearm shoots diamonds after being loaded with valuable gems, the “Treasure Gun” is still just as deadly and can (and will!) be used by Captain Yarrface to plunder more treasures to make him an even more legendary pirate! Captain Yarrface of RUMAHOY on “Treasure Gun”: “NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE STORY OF THE GREATEST WEAPON EVER TO GRACE THE EARTH!! MY TREASURE GUN!! WELCOME TO THE SEA!!”
Watch the lyric video for “Treasure Gun” HERE!
YARRRRRR – The adventurous Captain Yarrface is back: RUMAHOY returns to the wild sea of pirate metal, party anthems and absolutely crazy, but equally legendary stories. Their upcoming banger, Time II: Party, will be released on July 17, 2020 via Napalm Records. The blazing opener, “Cowboys of the Sea”, marks Captain Yarrface’s return from the seas with heavy riffs and an unswerving, catchy melody. Marked by an indelible hook, “Treasure Gun” will have you on your feet, dancing, in no time. An upbeat melody paired with the epic story of the gun, this song is an absolute must-listen on this album! “Harambe, the Pirate Gorilla” is a classic pirate metal homage to the namesake whose death caused great controversy all over the world: if he were still alive, he could have joined RUMAHOY’s crew – hooks out for Harambe! The memorable “The Beer From My Town Is Better Than Yours” is the ultimate groovy party anthem for all the beer lovers out there. The track is filled with heavy guitar riffs and smashing drums that will make you want to grab a fresh pint of your favorite brand and drink up! It’s truly Time II: Party.
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1. Cowboys of the Sea 2. Time to Party 3. Treasure Gun 4. The Legend of Captain Yarrface 5. Harambe, the Pirate Gorilla 6. Poop Deck Party 7. The Beer From My Town Is Better Than Yours 8. 1000 Years of Dust 9. Full Mast 10. Stolen Treasure Time II: Party will be available in the following formats: – Digital Album – Jewel Case – Jewel Case + Cover Shirt bundle RUMAHOY is: Captain Yarrface – Vocals Bootsman Walktheplank – Guitars Cabinboy Treasurequest – Bass Swashbuckling Pete – Drums