Royal Bliss Releases \”FIRE WITHIN\” Official Video

Following the release of their Top 20 Billboard-charting single \”Medication,\” today rock group Royal Bliss is releasing their powerful new music video for their new track \”Fire Within\” (watch HERE) via EX1 Records/Explorer1 Music Group. Serving as an anthem for anyone who has been told \”no\” and to conform, \”Fire Within\” is a rallying cry for everyone to unite and persevere against all odds together.
Keeping in theme with the unfaltering track, the music video features a number of characters — from a basketball player to a struggling musician to a photographer — learning to break free and out of the boxes they feel kept inside and find a way to light the ‘fire within.’ Also starring in the video is Royal Bliss frontman Neal Middleton who finds himself stuck inside a TV as he also finds the courage to leave all expectations and opinions behind him, much like the other characters in the video. With powerful and punchy imagery juxtaposed with evocative and empowering lyrics, the “Fire Within” music video is a cinematic & motivational wake-up call everyone needs post-2020 to unite together and achieve whatever it is you’re dreaming of.
Stream \”FIRE WITHIN\” everywhere HERE.
Watch the \”FIRE WITHIN\” official video HERE.
Since the release of “Fire Within,” The Aquarian stated the track has “a flawless amalgamation of genuine professionalism, lifelong musicality, and irresistibly charming creativity […] the upbeat tempo alongside heartwarming lyrics and memorable guitar riffs that have a throaty reverb and garage band sound,” and Rolling Stone India listed Royal Bliss as one of their Global Artists and declared “Fire Within” as a song that “comes out all guns blazing […] from crunchy distorted guitars to a pulsating groove and soaring vocals, the track packs quite a punch.”
Speaking of the song, the band says \”It’s for people who are struggling because they feel like an outcast compared to everybody else. As a band we’ve been told our dreams are unreachable, but you have to persevere. You have to light that fire within. Over the last year especially, so much has been brought to light — women’s rights, LGBTQ+, systemic racism. It’s about embracing our differences but knowing we all deserve to be treated equally.”
After the pandemic put Royal Bliss\’s extensive touring on pause, the self-described \”road warriors\” used the time to reflect on their accomplishments as a band and what is happening around the world. The time away resulted in the band writing and recording some of their most honest, reflective, and unfaltering music to date. As the band prepares to release new music through the upcoming year, Royal Bliss’ biggest aim is to bring people together. “We hope it unites people from all walks of life, wherever they live, and hope they can connect to the songs,” Neal says. “More than anything, this music is about rising above and knowing that when we’re together, everything will be fine.”