Royal Bliss: Chasing the Sun review

Everyone likes some good old fashioned hard-hitting American rock and roll; if you don’t you’re just nuts. One band who epitomizes the rock and roll sound is Royal Bliss and they’ve been around longer than you might think. Their eighth album, Chasing the Sun, is by-far their most mature and diverse offering to date and brings the heat on numerous songs. Chasing the Sun kicks off with an adrenaline-fueled track in “Welcome,” which leads into lead single “Cry Sister,” which has that southern rock feel to it and will have you singing along in no time. This sets the tone for what’s a pure guitar-heavy adventure that any rock fan will geek over. “Dreamer” is a slow-paced ballad that will move you as much as it will interest you and suck you in from the onset and is a strong change of pace for the record and shows the softer side of Royal Bliss while keeping the heavy side alive at the same time. “Drink My Stupid Away” is by far the slowest, softest and most touching track on the record and showcases Neal Middleton’s voice in epic proportions. This is a track that anyone who likes the party lifestyle can relate to and anyone who’s made it through the self-inflicted hard times in life will adopt as an anthem. “Drink My Stupid Away” is the gem of the album, hands down. “Home” is Royal Bliss’s “Home Sweet Home” and “Battle Born” and is one that anyone who travels in the music industry or who travels for a living can relate to and will love from the start. With Chasing the Sun, Royal Bliss show us they can rock with the best of them and hold their own with the top rock bands while being able to slow it down on command and offer up some of the best ballads you’ll hear. Even though Royal Bliss have been around for some time now and are veterans of the game, Chasing the Sun shows them really catching their stride and producing one of the best- if not the best record of their career. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards