Roses Unread: The Silver Lining review

There are rock bands and then there are DIY rock bands- those that do it all themselves. Roses Unread are one of those bands and they take it to another level. They\’ve used PR companies in the past and all that jazz, but when it all comes down to it, they\’re an unsigned band who like to do it all in-house. These days there\’s something to be admired about a band who can do it all on their own and have any success at all- it\’s a hard road to go and Roses Unread have completely owned that road over the last few years. That\’s why when frontwoman Allison Purifoy hit us up earlier this year with their first single- “Fallen” from their then-upcoming album, The Silver Lining, we jumped all over it. Now, the full-length record is out and The Silver Lining is everything we could have hoped for and more. While their previous self-titled record was very Sevendust-esque, while there are still strong shades of that vibe,The Silver Lining is more along the lines of what you\’d hear from The Letter Black and focuses a lot more on Purifoy\’s vocals and features a lot more vocal harmonies. Not to take anything away from the guitar work on this album, which is almost immaculate. If you hadn\’t heard any backstory on Roses Unread, you\’d never think they\’re an unsigned DIY band. The record is polished to perfection and show exactly what makes Roses Unread so strong of a rock band. In the end, Roses Unread have completely surpassed their previous album and written a record that should take them to the next level. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards