Rose Ave: You and Me review

What happens when pop superstar Pink and Dallas Green, the previous lead singer of a hardcore rock band, make music together? Nothing at all like you would expect. Alecia Moore, or Pink as most people know her, and Dallas Green from City and Colour originally intended to just hang out and sing together for a while. The result of that jam session was an album entitled “You + Me” by what is now known as Rose Ave, released October 14. While the album is listed as being pop music on iTunes, it has a distinct folk sound to it. All of the tracks are stripped down to focus on Moore and Green’s vocals with just a few background instruments. The result is simply beautiful music and a voice from Alecia Moore that we rarely get to hear when she sings as Pink. Her sound blends perfectly with Green’s, creating an intricate harmony that gives each track its own personality. For instance, the first song, “Capsized,” has a catchy hook that will remain stuck in your head all day. Another one of the tracks, “Break the Cycle,” is a beautiful and heartfelt song that Moore wrote about her mother. The title song, “You and Me” embraces everything they wanted the album to be. It showcases both artists and their unique sounds individually and even more importantly, together. If you like this song, which was also their first single, then you are guaranteed to enjoy the rest of them, such as “Gently,” “Love Gone Wrong,” and “Open Door.” The only downside to this album is that, since the tracks are so cohesive and simplistic in their style, the songs can start to run together. However, this can still be a positive thing if you are looking for something to listen to that is soothing and beautifully done. No one knows if Rose Ave will ever make an entire album by accident again, so take this chance to enjoy listening to these two talented singers in a totally different way than we’re used to. Rating: 10/10 -Nicole Cooper