The Romantics\’ Mike Skill releases \”So Soul Alone\” single

While people were quarantining during the 2020 pandemic, feelings of isolation and loneliness were inevitable. 40-year career rock guitarist and vocalist, Mike Skill, releases a song for the times, “So Soul Alone\’\’ that describes what many people have been experiencing for the past year. “So Soul Alone” is out now, and is from Skill’s upcoming self-titled album, set to release on July 16th with a vinyl edition to follow this fall. On the new single, Skill plays guitar and bass. Chloe F. Orwell – the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Chicago-based band The Handcuffs – joins Skill on backup vocals and saxophone. Orwell is also married to Brad Elvis, who plays drums on this single and is Skill’s long-time bandmate of The Romantics. “So Soul Alone” is the fifth solo release from Skill since summer 2020. Skill describes his new single as having a “sort of Steve Cropper guitar style and a Muscle Shoals sound with a mix of Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground.” His previous singles include “We Got You Rock N’ Roll,” “‘67 Riot,” “My Bad Pretty,” and “Not My Business,” all of which have amassed over 70,000 streams on Spotify. In a recent feature about his previous single, “‘67 Riot,” American Songwriter states that Skill’s songwriting “inspires emotion that seems very relevant to what’s going on in the world today.” Ghost Cult Magazine describes Skill as having \”slick songcraft, a penchant for musical storytelling, and a distinctive voice on the guitar and as a singer.\” Be sure to check out Mike Skill’s latest single, “So Soul Alone,” out now on all digital music platforms, and his upcoming self-titled album, out on July 16th.