Rob Zombie kicks summer off with a bang in Indy

Rob Zombie and his gang of ghouls summoned the storms during their stop in Indianapolis recently. While the rain managed to hold off long enough to fit the show in, fans were treated to a fittingly creepy lightning show during the latter half of Zombie’s set. After an afternoon of high humidity the crowd was clearly anxious for the show to begin. At 9pm drummer Ginger Fish appeared on stage and stood behind his kit as he flashed a smile to the crowd. Bassist Piggy D. and guitarist John5 emerged and played the opening of “Teenage Nosferatu Pussy” as Zombie made his way to the center of the stage. At first glance Zombie looked somewhat like a swamp creature, with his long dreads, fringy clothing, and floppy hat covering his face. When you finally get a glimpse of his face you can’t help but notice the wild, manic glimmer in his eyes, the final element that allows his larger-than-life personality to come in to full view. There’s not a single aspect of Zombie’s show to not be impressed with. At 50 years old Zombie flies across the stage, dancing and spinning around like someone half his age. Musically you couldn’t ask for a better, tighter, more experienced crew. With two former Marilyn Manson members and Piggy D. who has worked with basically everyone in the genre except Manson, Zombie has managed to form a super-group of horror rock legends. The production is impressive, even when it’s scaled back, and Zombie’s quick wit is the icing on the cake, making him absolutely captivating to listen to as he banters with the crowd. There’s very little spontaneity left in rock shows nowadays show it’s refreshing to watch someone who seems to revel in those little pockets of spontaneity. As Ginger Fish played a steady backbeat Zombie paced the front of the stage and playfully cursed the freeloaders watching the show from the JW Mariott hotel, which overlooks The Lawn. Zombie segued in to telling the crowd that they came “with a purpose” – a purpose to party, and he implored his fans to not be the type of people who merely sit around and watch others party, but to get in on the action themselves. Soon the band launched in to “Living Dead Girl,” which definitely got the remaining “bystander” fans in full participation mode. Fans were treated to a whirlwind of heavy-hitters toward the end of the set as the band pummeled through “Meet the Creeper” and “Never Gonna Stop” back to back, before playing their much loved cover of Funk Railroad’s “We’re an American Band.” Rob Zombie is touring North America and Europe throughout the Summer before hitting both days of Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, Kentucky in October, giving fans ample opportunity to catch his show this year, and this is one show you definitely don’t want to miss. -Ashley Adcox [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Rob Zombie in Indy/\”]