Roast on the Range opens inaugural year with roast of Corey Taylor

Every May we get treated to what is commonly referred to as The World’s Loudest Month. This features a month of the biggest and most impressive rock festivals in the country, including Welcome to Rockville, Fort Rock, Kansas City Rockfest, Carolina Rebellion and Rock on the Range- which is seen as the biggest one of them all. This year’s Rock on the Range kicked off with the first annual Roast on the Range, where the guest of honor was none other than Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor, who was the focal point of the inaugural Roast. Roasting Taylor was a roster of superstars that included That Metal Show hosts Jim Florentine and Don Jameison, comedians Finnesse Mitchell, Brian Posehn, Craig Gass, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and his wife Pearl Aday- who are very close friends of Taylor, Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan and Roastmaster Sebastian Bach. While Bach was the Roastmaster, the vast majority of his jokes were less than funny and fell short significantly and saw him mispronouncing the names of many of the roasters. Bach ended up coming off as cocky and full of himself and, though he had some bright moments where he garnered plenty of laughs, he wasn’t as funny as you’d hope from a Roastmaster. Even though Corey Taylor was the guest of honor, Bach ended up being the brunt of more jokes than Taylor and saw virtually everyone on stage taking shots at Bach’s numerous attempts at a Skid Row reunion, including Ian, who said “Sebastian Bach, you recently said Skid Row were allergic to cash. They aren’t allergic to cash, they just hate you,” which got one of the biggest laughs of the night. Mitchell was one of the surprises of the night as he got a lot of laughs in response to him joking that since he’s black, he didn’t know who any of the people on stage were and that he had to look them up on Wikipedia just to find out who they are. Crahan, dawning the clown mask, spoke for one of the shortest sets of the night, saying they had written down what they wanted him to say but he and Taylor both knew he wasn’t going to use that and went on and on about how he didn’t want to be there and how he hated Taylor for asking him to do it and that as soon as the door opened he was out of there, which got some of the biggest jokes of the night. Stealing the show, though, was Brian Posehn, who took most of the set poking fun at Pearl Aday’s dad- Meatloaf, joking about how he has conflicted opinions on meatloaf because her dad- Meatloaf- shares a name with something he loves to eat- meatloaf- then proceeded to randomly come back to her with Meatloaf jokes. It wouldn’t be a roast without someone crossing the line or making a joke that was “too much,” and both of those moments came courtesy of Posehn, who asked Crahan “why can’t you be the dead one?” and joking about how Scott Ian is the Malcolm Young of Anthrax- “get it? He’s dying,” talking about Young. Throughout Posehn’s set, there wasn’t more than a minute where laughter wasn’t intoxicating and overwhelming and Posehn received a standing ovation when he was done. As with most roasts, Corey Taylor got a chance for his rebuttal and got the last laugh, which lived up to any and all expectations you could possibly have from Corey Taylor, who joked about Scott Ian being raped by a gorilla and taking shots at everyone on stage and all but tore the house down. In the end, the first annual Roast on the Range, which saw proceeds go to fund MusicCares, was a complete success and was everything anyone could have hoped for and was a great way to start Rock on the Range weekend. -Reggie Edwards [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Monster Energy Roast on the Range of Corey Taylor/\”] Exclusive interviews on the Red Carpet Pre-Roast Roastmaster Sebastian Bach Anthrax\’s Scott Ian and Pearl Aday Righteous Vendetta Finesse Mitchell Craig Gass