Righteous Vendetta: Defiance review

Rising newcomers Righteous Vendetta are back with their latest studio release, Defiance– a short but powerful EP that is guaranteed to keep their excessive momentum going and could boost them up to the next level. With just five songs, there’s no room for filler and Righteous Vendetta have little time to show exactly what they can do and have to offer, but they don’t disappoint in the slightest. From opening track (and title track) “Defiance” to “Take Over” to “Hard to Breathe” to closer “With Love,” Defiance is a must-listen. Righteous Vendetta may be a younger band and in the early stages but they’re climbing the ladder fast and with their infectious choruses, grueling and bludgeoning guitar work, pounding and devastating drums and bass, this should be a winner for any metal and hard rock disciple. Rating: 8.5/10 -Reggie Edwards