Resolution15- Svaha review

  by Angela Owens While listening to Resolution15’s latest album, Svaha, a rush of ugly and beautiful flows over me. Let’s start with some negatives and end on some positive notes. Resolution15 definitely have some great ideas up their sleeves for the metal genre but if someone listens to this album straight through they may just think their listening to the same song on repeat. Maybe if the band would have reorganized the track list and flipped some songs to go earlier here and later there, there wouldn’t be that feeling of just one long drawn-out song. The first half of the cd is very monotone and seems very one-noted then gets better with each song. I say skip the first half and start in the middle if you plan on investing in this one. What I did really appreciate about this band was their use of instruments and lyrics. I always applaud bands that can come up with some good original lyrics and this band isn’t singing about the same old same old. The subject matter and theme on most of the songs all seem connected but are completely different and that can be a hard thing to achieve. The mixture of metal and classic violin made for a dark, heavy, beautiful sound. The best song on the album by far, almost fourteen minutes long, was “Kali,” which uses everything from sound effects of spiritual-sounding whispers to epic guitar and violin solos with just the right amount of singing. This song flowed beautifully and gives the listener a sense of this eerie calm to be blasted away by vocals. Another song to be treasured on this album is a revamped metal version of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, originally made famous by U2. I’m a huge fan of this song and definitely give my thumbs up for Revolution15 making it their own. All in all we got a pretty decent band here up on the rise. They have a lot of learning to do but their originality and sound is worth it enough to give them a listen. Rating: 7/10