The Austin Taft Soundtrack- War of the Songs of Light Against the Songs of Darkness review

\"\" by Reggie Edwards It’s not often you find an unsigned band who features strong music and even stronger lyrical consistency. The Austin Taft Soundtrack, though small, unsigned and out of Cedar Falls, Iowa, is one band you absolutely must check out. Their latest album, War of the Songs of Light against the Songs of Darkness, is a 13-song epic that has got to be heard. The record is a rough-quality emotional declaration whose rough quality adds to the experience. The entire experience has the feel of a vintage record, and the band plays a combination of old-school rock and roll, blues, jazz and more but with a more badass feel than you’d expect. Taft’s vocals are rough and grainy, giving the album a 70’s rock feel, not to mention the back-to-back 9+ minute songs. They play some songs that hit you square in the face with heaviness and then soothe you with some ballads. Then there’s “Monster,” a song that’s surprisingly mellow with a foundation consisting of a solid bass melody straight through. I’m officially a fan of this band and you will be too after you give them a listen. Rating: 8/10