Onesie – Leo\’s Consume’

 \"onesie\"The Brooklyn trio recently released their debut LP that is full of quirky and whimsical  lyrics a la Weezer & They Might Be Giants Musically,   Leo\’s Consume’  is full of strong guitar work which makes it the perfect combination of pop and indie rock.

 Unfortunately for Onesie,  with Leo\’s Consume,  they may have backed himself into a corner by making somewhat of a niche market record. Thankfully for me, I fall right into that niche.

      The New ResistANTS – The Right To Remain Violent \"513y-Wo5YIL._SS500\"  The Right To Remain Violent is a four song e.p from NYC trio The New ResistANTS that is full of punk and garage feels. Musically, The New ResistANTS, comprised of John Moss Guitar/Vocals, Erik Kops Bass/Vocals & Max Parker Drums waste little time before kicking up some dust and shifting things into 3rd gear musically as well as vocally. From front to back, The Right To Remain Violent is what I imagine CBGB would’ve felt like circa ’78.    :     Blood Youth – Beyond Repair \"18557137_1898093350216648_2060684668295728229_n\"With the recent release of Beyond Repair, U.K. melodic hardcore outfit Blood Youth has thrown their hats into the ring. Tracking 10 songs in a frenetic 35 minutes,   Blood Youth makes it clear that they don’t waste a second to pull you into their world. If nothing else, Beyond Repair showcases the fact that vocalist Kaya Tarsus definitely has the pipes to keep up with the big boys in the genre.