Reviews on the Run ft. Greaver, Landscapes & Ghosts Again


Greaver – The Faun

As I sit here writing this I almost feel guilty for not being a fan as a whole of Durham, NC\’s post hardcore band Greaver\’s Cardigan Records debut, The Faun. Musically & vocally, Post Hardcore as a whole seems to just rewash in the same dirty water. Finished products comes across as a continuance of the last bands release. The upside for Greaver is that lyrically, they are leaps & bounds ahead of the lions share of  P.H. artists.



\"GA4(1)\"Ghosts Again – The Closest Thing To Closure

North Carolina trio, Ghosts Again is set to release their 5 song ep., The Closest Thing To Closure in late April. To say that Ghosts Again\’s sound is unique would be a bit of an understatement. It feels as if the band are fans of  Post Hardcore, Pop Punk and Prog Rock and is literally, all over the map of these three genres. Unfortunately, The Closest Thing To Closure doesn\’t do any of them  spectacular. Diversity is a beautiful thing but with any lack of direction listeners will be unsatisfied and confused .





Landscapes – Modern Earth

U.K. Melodic Hardcore band, Landscapes have just offered up their second full length release, Modern Earth via Pure Noise Records. Thankfully, for this edition of Reviews on the Run these Brits deliver a tight and polished mixture of emotion, darkness and attitude. So much so, that feels as if  they\’ve reached in and taken a bite out of your soul.